I’m Jordan Bruneau. I fix and optimize so you don't have too.

With a multifaceted career spanning customer service, technical support, and specialized roles working with Apple products, I’ve ventured through various facets of technology before finding my passion as an SEO consultant.

Adaptable, self-motivated, and meticulously organized, I navigate diverse terrains, from repairing electronics to strategizing SEO enhancements.

Let’s connect to explore how my diverse skill set, and passion for optimization can contribute to your ventures.

Education & Certifications

Google IT Support Certificate (2023)

Google AI Essentials (2024)

Nelson McIntyre Collegiate: Grade 12 Diploma (2010)

Software Knowledge & Online Tools

  • Windows 10/11
  • Linux
  • Mac OSX / MacOS
  • IOS / Android
  • Virtual desktop applications (e.i Oracle VM VirtualBox)
  • Adobe Design Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator,)
  • Screaming Frog – (SEO Tool)
  • Surferseo.com – (SEO Tool)
  • Ahrefs.com – (SEO Tool)
  • Google Search Console / Google Analytics
  • Content management systems (e.i. Shopify, WordPress, Sitefinity, Squarespace)

Who I am

Jordan & Teri

I am a neurodivergent individual, who is creative, holistic, and passionate.
All of these traits show through in the work that I do.

Nerd at heart I have a fond love for Anime, video games, history, and all things technology.

I have an amazing wife and three wonderful children that drive me to better myself everyday.

Right now I am working to increase my knowledge base to better support my clients.

I just completed the Google IT Certificate in 2023 and am currently studying Google marketing courses among others.